The human body is made up of cells. In a healthy body these cells divide at a certain rate so that they can replace dying cells and aid in the repair of damaged tissues. If these cells divide at a rate which is too fast, a mass of tissue called a growth or tumor is formed. It is not known what causes the body’s cells to become damaged. However, there seems to be mounting evidence that oxidation or free radical damage seems to damage the cell’s membrane. This damage can initiate the cancer process. The possible causative factors to the development and growth of cancer can be divided into three categories – internal, external and lifestyle. • Internal factors may include genetic composition and infections. • External factors may include exposure to water and air pollution, unhealthy work environments, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. • Lifestyle factors may include poor diet, stress, high alcohol consumption, smoking and too much sun exposure. Dietary Advice: • Reduce consumption of foods that contain natural carcinogens, as they may increase the risk of cancer, e.g., smoked, pickled or barbequed food. • Reduce the intake of fat or deep-fried foods. Cancers associated with high fat foods are breast, colon and prostrate cancer. • Eat fish at least 3 times per week. Including salmon, cod, mackerel, sardines and tuna. • Increase consumption of green vegetables and complex carbohydrates e.g. whole grain cereals and organic fruit and vegetables that are in season. • Garlic, shiitake mushrooms, champignons and ginseng contain Germanium, which seems to have a positive effect on cancer cells. • Check for food sensitivities. Many cancer patients are allergic or intolerant to milk and wheat. • Avoid smoking, tea, coffee, sugar and alcohol. • Increase foods high in zinc. These include pumpkin seeds, oysters, sunflower seeds, ginger and whole grains. • Increase foods high in selenium. These include oysters, mackerel, cashews, whole grain cereals, garlic and alfalfa. • Increase foods high in Vitamin A and Beta-carotene. These include apricots, mint, carrots, green leafy vegetables, spinach, dandelion greens, sweet potato and parsley. • Increase foods high in magnesium. These include almonds, cashews, soy beans, parsnips and wholegrain cereals. • Increase food high in Vitamin E includes wheat germ and its oils, sunflower seeds and its oils, almonds, sweet potato and leafy vegetables. • Do not eat poultry or beef that has come from hormonally treated animals. It is best to eliminate meat if possible and instead obtain moderate protein from plant sources such as green leafy vegetables, potatoes, sprouted seeds, grains, nuts and tofu. • Increase foods high in vitamin D, these include tuna, cod, herring and sprouted seeds. • Avoid any fruit that has been sprayed or treated with pesticides. Organic is best if possible. • Avoid saturated, cholesterol-rich animal fats including butter. These should be replaced with a moderate use of genuine cold pressed vegetable oils including sunflower seed oil, flaxseed oil, soybean oil or safflower oil. Try to avoid heating oils, as they can become rancid and damage cells. • Eat foods that have been found to be cancer protective. These include cabbage, broccoli, green pepper, eggplant, shallots, pineapple, apples, ginger, mint leaf, wheat, sprouts, lettuce, spinach and mustard greens. Most of these vegetables should be eaten raw or lightly steamed. • Do not eat any food that is contaminated with mould. Avoid all yeast foods including Vegemite, Promite, Bonox and Yeast powder. • It is best if possible to aim for an 80 per cent raw food diet. • Increase consumption of fibre rich foods and whole grain cereals, as they promote the production of butyric acid in the intestine. Reduce salt intake and increase potassium rich foods. These include all vegetables, citrus fruit, apricots, banana, potato, nuts, sardines, herring, avocado, sunflower seeds. • Include garlic in the diet due to its natural anti-biotic properties. • Nuts that are beneficial include almonds and walnuts. Peanuts should be avoided. • Include fermented foods such as Pawpaw leaf extract, sour kraut and apple vinegar. Juicing: The purpose of juicing is to normalize all the vital body processes, revitalize the liver and other digestive organs, cleanse the whole body of accumulated toxins, restore the digestive and assimilative functions of the stomach, intestinal tract , and in general, increase the body’s protective and healing capacity. Short bursts of cleansing fasts on raw vegetable and fruit juices are recommended. Beetroot juice 100ml should be consumed daily. Other good juices include carrot, celery, leafy green vegetables, lemon and all dark coloured juices. Good fruit juices include apple and pineapple particularly. Of the fresh fruit and vegetable juices, approximately 6 cups should be consumed daily. The peel of oranges and celery seed oil contains limonene, which may be beneficial. Other Useful Tips: Meditation Visualisation Relaxation Affirmations 2 Natural Health – S.A.F.E products which may be useful to support the body through cancer. Green Barley Powder or Green Barley Plus – These products contain many high quality nutrients that are required by the body for correct cell division and function. Green Barley is a complete grown living food that has a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Take up to 10-12 teaspoons per day. Start with one teaspoon per day and slowly build up. Paw Paw Leaf Extract – Contains a range of vitamins and minerals. It also has natural antibiotic properties, improves digestion and has anti-cancer properties. Start on 30ml 3 times per day. Oxygen-8 – Replenishes oxygen levels in the body. Healthy cells are rich in oxygen, cancerous cells cannot grow or thrive in an oxygen rich environment. Take 5 drops in 250ml water 3 times a day. Olive Leaf Extract- Used over many years and is renown for its anti-viral, anti- bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It also aids to strengthen the immune system. Take 20mls 3 times per day. Citramin – Citramin is a liquid product that contains many minerals that the body requires for healing, promoting growth and assisting the chemical pathways in the body. Take 10ml 2 times per day. Coral Calcium- Alkalises the body. Cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. Take 2 capsules or half teaspoon 2 times per day. Other 2 Natural Health SAFE products that may be of benefit include: Shark Cartilage, Co-Enzyme Q10, Vitamin C and Mineral Powder, Supa-C, Microfoods and Omega Complex.
Taken from: HerbalTraining

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